Everyone in your party needs a Passport. Once in flight, you will receive your Customs and Immigration Forms. Fill these out and sign the back in both spaces of your Immigration Form, BEFORE you arrive in Los Cabos. Once you have landed, proceed to Immigration. There you will be asked to show your Passport and Immigration Form. From there, proceed to the Baggage Carousel to get your bags. Luggage Carts are available at the Baggage Carousel, if you need them. Proceed to Customs and hand your Customs Form to the Agent and wait for instructions. Your baggage will be scanned and the Agent might possibly ask you questions regarding the content of your bags. At the Agents discretion, you could possibly be asked to open your baggage for inspection. (This will be a short process)


Once you have cleared Customs and Immigration, proceed outside of the Terminal Doors and look for your name on the signs being held by the Transport Drivers. Once you have located your Driver, introduce yourself and give him your Transportation Voucher at that time. Feel free to ask your Driver to stop for a couple of cerveza frias (cold beers) and some fantastic Carne Asada Tacos in Santa Anita, at the Santa Anita Asadero (on your way to Los Barriles). From there, the ride to Los Barriles will be about 45 min. Note: Customary Tip for your Driver is $5.00-$10.00. (At your discretion)


You are going to be fishing in one of the most prolific Big Game Fishing areas in the World. Black, Blue and Striped Marlin are regulars of the area, as well as Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Jacks, Grouper and many other InShore species. All BFA Fleet boats are outfitted for Off-Shore and In-Shore fishing, and all tackle (rods, reels, lures, hooks, rod belts etc.) are included. Please feel free to bring any of your own gear with you. . Fishing Licenses are mandatory, and we can purchase them for you on line, before your arrival. You can purchase a License for one day, one week, one month, or one year. You must provide your own Lunch & Drinks. (REMEMBER TO BRING PLENTY OF WATER!!!) A Cooler with ice will be provided. On the day(s) that you fish, plan on being down at the Dock, on the beach, in front of Hotel Palmas De Cortez, Hotel Playa Del Sol, or Hotel Buena Beach Resort about 6:30 am. We’ll determine where to pick you up, based on the proximity of where you’re staying. We will be there to meet you, and assist you in boarding the boat. Next stop, Live Bait (Usually $10.00 – $20.00).Off you go! Your fishing day goes from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm. (back at Dock). Enjoy the scenery and the ocean life as you motor out to the bite. If there is a certain fish you would like to target, tell your Captain when he asks you what you’d like to fish for. If not, tell him whatever he thinks is best. If you plan on taking fish home with you, bring down a hard sided Cooler (50-70 qt. max) and a roll of Duct Tape. When you return from fishing, we highly recommend that you have your fish processed by the East Cape Smokehouse. Their service and quality are second to none. Their representatives will also be at the Dock upon your return. Tell them how you want your fish to be processed, either fillet and frozen, or smoked. All fish is then, Vacuum Packed. You will pick up your fish and load it in your Cooler approx. 30 min. before you depart for the Airport. (Tell your Taxi Driver) Fish will stay frozen for 8 -10 hrs. Remember the 50 lb.weight limit for checked luggage. All the fish caught, are yours to do what you want with. Feel free to give some to the Crew, if you have more than you need. We do however, encourage the CATCH & RELEASE of all Billfish (Marlin, Sailfish), to preserve our fishery. Remember your camera.

REMEMBER TO TIP YOUR BOAT CREW* * You will be fishing with unquestionably some of the best Captains and Deck Hands in the World. Their knowledge of our waters, as well as Big Game Fishing, is unsurpassed. They will give every effort to insure you the best chance for that fish of a lifetime and, a great day out on the water. When contemplating your Tip, consider how hard the Crew worked for you, as opposed to how many fish were caught. Normal Tip: 15%


On days that you don’t fish, you’ll find an assortment of other activities to keep you busy. ATV’s and Side by Sides are a great way to explore our area and a day of riding up the Arroyos to check out the Waterfalls, or finding a secluded stretch of beach for some Beach Fishing and Snorkeling, or just relaxing, is an experience that will enhance your trip to the East Cape. There are also Guided Tours that can take you into the mountains, where you’ll see a unique, beautiful and seldom seen part of Baja Sur. Baja Fishing Adventures can arrange your ATV’s and Guided Tours in advance, if you’d like us to do so. Horseback Riding, Sea Kayaks and SUP’s, are also available, as well as Snorkeling and Diving Tours, thru the Activity Center at Palmas de Cortez, on the beach in front of the Pool. If you wish to take a day trip to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, La Paz or Cabo Pulmo, Rental Cars and Tour/Shuttle Service are available. We will be glad to assist you with Tour and Shuttle arrangements and we can direct you as to where to go for Car Rental.


While in the East Cape, contact via Cell Phone to the U.S. is limited. AT&T Cellular Service works in Los Barriles. Check with your carrier to see if service in Mexico is available thru them. In case of an emergency, we have a U.S. line that you can use. If someone in the States needs to get a message to you, we’ll be sure that you receive it. Most local restaurants and bars, have Wireless Internet Service available.


While in Baja, payment or purchases can be made in cash (Dollars or Pesos), or by Credit Card. You can use your Credit Card, or ATM Card, at the ATM at Bancomer Bank to get cash. (Pesos only). There is also a Money Exchange in town, where you can exchange Dollars to Pesos.


Light clothing and casual dress are the normal attire while in the East Cape. Hawaiian Shirts are great for Dinner. Shorts, T-shirts, tennis shoes, sandals, sunscreen, sunglasses, mask, fins, snorkel, camera, film, batteries, reading material, Beach Fishing Outfit if desired, 1 box of large Baggies, hats, bathing suits, a roll of Duct Tape and a hard sided Cooler. If you forget anything, or find you need something, there is the local market Chapitos, as well as 2 Pharmacies for anything you might need.


We’d like to thank you once again for choosing Baja Fishing Adventures, to book your Escape to the Cape. Please be safe, and enjoy yourselves. Take lots of pictures, and feel free to e-mail us any of your fishing photos for our Fish Reports on Facebook and our web-site. If you need to reach me during your stay, feel free to call me at any time.

Marc Kane
Baja Fishing Adventures